DSG Transmission:  Manual, Automatic or Both ?
Notice the D (drive) and S (sport) modes....no 1 & 2

DSG Transmission: Manual, Automatic or Both ?

Notice the D (drive) and S (sport) modes….no 1 & 2

Volkswagen and Audi have long been known as pioneers in the automobile manufacturing industry.  German technology is outstanding and like no other.  One such piece of German engineering is the DSG Transmission.  DSG stands for Direct Shift Gearbox and is a dual-clutch transmission that is an automatic transmission but acts like a manual transmission.   A few highlights of this very unique transmission:

  • There is no clutch pedal.  For those that do not like to or cannot switch gears, this is great because all the driver does is put it in “D” and GO !  You get the feel of a manual transmission shifting without having to do the work
  • Once in “drive” the transmission shifts to gears earlier, which maximizes fuel economy and decreases engine noise
  • For those that do like to shift, some DSG vehicles come with paddle shifters on the steering wheel to give the driver more control
  • TORQUE !  Vehicles with DSG transmissions can get up and go….Quickly
  • DSG transmissions require a DSG transmission service every 40,000 per manufacturer’s specification.  Failure to change the DSG fluid & filter regularly can lead to costly transmission repair or replacement
  • DSG transmissions are more expensive to manufacture, therefore the vehicle price will reflect this but they are ohhh so fun to drive

Vehicles with a DSG transmission may not be for everyone but they do have major advantages (and likewise, disadvantages) to consider.