Do you know at what mileage you should have your spark plugs changed ?  What about your transmission service ? What kind of antifreeze (coolant) goes in your vehicle ?  What is the manufacturer spec for the oil that goes into your vehicle ?

When you purchase a new car or truck, one of the things that you receive with that purchase is your new Owner’s Manual.  It provides a Maintenance Schedule for your particular vehicle as recommended by the manufacturer.   Whether you drive a Volkswagen or an Audi, a Honda or a Toyota, each manufacturer provides guidelines to be followed in order to obtain & maintain the peak performance of your vehicle.  ** Failure to follow the maintenance schedule can lead to expensive problems with your vehicle.

We often have vehicles come into the shop that could not tell you the last time they had real maintenance performed on their vehicle.  Their oil was changed at a quicky lube establishment and now they are having problems…..quick lube employees are not paid to know your maintenance schedule and only want to sell you “quick” items.  Wipers, filters, brake pads, and a “flush” that you don’t need.  But what happens when you have a real problems …… something that is beyond what they know anything about because they are only in it for the oil change, not the problems that their 15 minute service has created.  

As vehicles and their components become more advanced, it is even more important to adhere to your maintenance schedule.  We had a VW customer a few years ago that thought he could have every other transmission service performed because he just did not believe the service recommendations were justified.  After skipping the second transmission service, he started having problems and we ended up replacing the clutches in his DSG transmission = $$$$.  That could have been avoided had he performed his transmission services by-the-book.

Our goal is to keep your vehicle services up-to-date according to mileage intervals determined by the manufacturer.  Call us at 803-520-8523, and let Das Autohaus keep you on track !