STOP After the Click !!

We are all guilty of hearing the gas pump handle “click” and then we pull the trigger on it again so that we can get just a litttttle more gas, especially if you see lower prices at one gas station and know that it’s more expensive at the station up the road.   Do you know just how bad that is for your car (not to mention the environment) ?  A few things that we’ve learned from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website might put things in perspective for you.

  • The gas nozzle automatically clicks when your tank is full.  Topping off your fuel tank can result in your paying for gas that is actually fed back into the station’s tank via their vapor recovery line = you pay for gas that you don’t get.
  • Not only do you risk the possibility of gas coming out of the tank and dripping down the side of your car and onto the ground, but it stinks like crazy and the vapors that are released are harmful to you and to the environment.
  • Topping off your car’s fuel tank may cause fuel to enter your car’s vapor recovery system (charcoal canister), poisoning it and causing it to be unable to function properly, which will cause the check engine light to come on.  The parts of your fuel system that are supposed to be soaking in gas 24-7 are designed and formulated to do their job for years. But the parts that aren’t supposed to soak in it – things like your fuel filler tube or the rubber seal where the filler meets the chassis – can suffer from continual saturation.
  • As the temperature changes, extra room in the gas tank is needed for gasoline to expand.   If you top off your tank, this expanding fuel/vapor is forced into your vapor recovery system (see above).

Topping off your gas tank is harmful to our health, our vehicles and to the environment so no matter how inclined you may be to pull that nozzle lever just one more time, make the decision to no longer do it.    You’ll be glad you “stopped after the click”…. And so will Mother Earth.