Suspensions – How Much Bounce ?
Blow out !!

Suspensions – How Much Bounce ?

 Suspension blow out on a V10 Volkswagen Touareg TDI

A vehicle’s suspension system is what attaches to the wheels…the shocks, struts and springs, ball joints and tie rod ends…and keeps your car in motion, whether going forward or backwards.  Your suspension is also responsible for absorbing the bumps & imperfections of the road, making your ride more comfortable and smooth.  

Signs that your suspension may need attention:

  • excessive vehicle bounce
  • abnormal tire wear
  • vehicle starts to sag or sit lower than usual
  • vehicle makes noise when going over large bumps or around corners

We recently had a Volkswagen Touareg TDI in the shop that needed new air springs.  Our customer was driving down a dirt road, and the bag in his air-ride suspension blew out (see picture).  Luckily, his shocks were not damaged and we were able to replace the air springs and get him back on the road relatively quickly.  Not to mention that our price was more than half of what the dealer was going to charge.