Timing Chains:  Do They Have To Be Replaced ?
There should be no slack in this timing chain...

Timing Chains: Do They Have To Be Replaced ?

Timing Chains should be taunt, which is not the case here..

One of our recent posts showed pictures of a timing belt that needed to be replaced.  In that particular instance, our customer was lucky that the belt had not entirely separated, which would have led to major engine damage.  The above pictures show timing chains on a Volkswagen Jetta with a VR6 engine and are proof that timing chains DO require replacement.  You will notice that between the two gears, the timing chain should be taunt with no slack.  In this case, the chain has stretched and broken its guide rails.  Quality VW and Audi spec motor oil will help prolong timing chain life.

If you question the “life” of your timing chains or timing belt, call Das Autohaus at 520-8523 to schedule an appointment.  We will inspect your vehicle and keep you on track regarding replacement intervals for your make and model.  Preventative maintenance is an absolute must !!  Consult your Owner’s Manual for your manufacturer’s recommended service schedule.  Change your timing belt or timing chains before it is too late and save yourself the cost & headache of engine damage.