Vehicle MPG:  How Important Is It ?

Vehicle MPG: How Important Is It ?

The numbers do not lie …… whether you like the results or not, numbers are what they are.  Do you know what your vehicle’s “magic number” is when it comes to calculating Miles Per Gallon (MPG)?  Whether you drive a Volkswagen TDI, an Audi gas vehicle or any other import or domestic car or truck, a change in MPG can be a sign of a problem that has not yet presented itself.

When we first bought our VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI, we began tracking our MPG for a variety of reasons.   Every single time that the TDI was filled up, we reset the mileage counter, wrote our mileage on the fuel receipt and entered our numbers into a fuel consumption website called  It’s a great site that shows trends in your MPG, compares your vehicle’s performance against others and even allows you to make notes for future reference.  For example, when we put the car topper on for a trip through the mountains, we knew that MPG was not going to be so great because of extra weight and inconsistent speeds on the highway.  Just last week, we took the Sportwagen on a road trip and averaged 47.9 MPG.  Not toooo bad for a 4 cylinder DSG automatic/manual blend transmission with a turbo, eh ? 

Possible culprits for lower MPG could be tire size or incorrect tire pressure, spark plugs and/or wires, O2 sensor, the fuel itself, running the A/C, driving in town and taking off from a stop like your pants are on fire.  Believe it or not, the turtle had it right when he said “Slow and Steady…”   The same applies to driving…..taking off quickly from a stop and then slowing down quickly does affect MPG.  If you notice a change in MPG, call Das Autohaus at 520-8523 to schedule an appointment for a vehicle inspection to make sure there are no underlying problems.   Even a few less Miles Per Gallon will add up $ in the long run.