Winter Is Coming:  Heat or Defrost ?

Winter Is Coming: Heat or Defrost ?

We all want our vehicle’s heat to warm our bones, but we need clear windows to see well.  Set your control to a comfortable temperature AND set air flow direction to Defrost.  Doing so allows the heat of the engine to warm the cabin, and the defrost turns the air conditioning compressor “ON” to aid in moisture removal, thereby clearing the glass for you to see.  If your vehicle’s air conditioning is not operating correctly or at all, defrosting windows will take forever.

We’ve all seen the person that has foggy windows and is peeping through a small clear area in the glass while trying to drive.  That person has an A/C issue.  Summer heat played havoc on your vehicle systems, and Winter will prove the weakness of these systems.  The first “big” season cold snap will arrive soon.  Don’t be the person with the poor windshield wipers, tires that have too little tread for traction, or a battery that is too weak to start the car.  Our staff will inspect your vehicle and recommend any items that need attention.  Winter inspections are complimentary – our visual inspection includes:

  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Horn
  • Fluids
  • Wipers
  • Battery
  • Filters
  • Air Conditioning System

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