Your Battery — Size Does Matter !!
Incorrect size on the left...

Your Battery — Size Does Matter !!

Incorrect size on the left…

When selecting a battery for your vehicle, there are several things that you must take into consideration.  Most tend to think that any battery will do but that is definitely not the case.  Your battery is THE power source for your vehicle and controls everything from the starter motor to the electrical system to the lights & accessories.  It is vital to the proper operation of your car or truck so it is important to make sure the correct battery is in your vehicle.  Do not rely on what is in your car now because that may be incorrect.  (see accompanying picture).  We recently had a customer in with a battery installed that was about a year old.  Unfortunately, that battery was too small for her vehicle and therefore, was not supplying the proper power she needed.  Did her car run – yes.  Was it prematurely wearing the battery down – absolutely.  We replaced the battery with the correct size for her car’s make and model and she was good to go !

Terms that you may hear regarding batteries:

Cold Crank Amps (CCA) – this is the battery’s ability to start the vehicle under cold weather conditions.  Consult your owner’s manual for your manufacturer’s suggested CCA.  Your new battery should meet or exceed the OEM cranking rate. 

Reserve Capacity – this is how many minutes your vehicle can run on battery power if your alternator fails.

Remember that installing a new battery can be extremely dangerous since batteries contain very large amounts of acid.   Das Autohaus can replace the battery in your vehicle and ensure that what is under your hood is exactly what it should be !